Tamilla Mammadova

Tamilla Mammadova obtained a BA in English at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (Baku). In 2007 she completed an MA in Linguistics from the Faculty of Linguistics at the same University. Both diplomas were awarded with honours. In 2007 Tamilla successfully completed a training course for teachers and instructors of TOEFL and IELTS in London. Later, between 2010-2011, she studied Linguistics in France (University of Nice“Côte d'Azur”). In July 2017, she defended her PhD dissertation at the University Santiago de Compostela, Spain, under the supervision of Prof. Ignacio M. Palacios Martínez, obtaining the highest grade with distinction (Sobresaliente Cum Laude). Her dissertation focused on the role that grammar has in EFL classes and teaching materials in Azerbaijan. On September 1st, 2015, Tamilla was appointed Writing and Information Literacy Instructor at the School of Education of ADA University, Baku. In September 2019, she was promoted to Assistant Professor at ADA University. She has also completed her post-doctoral research at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Tamilla has published several articles in conference proceedings and in a number of refereed journals. She is also the author of “Teaching Grammar to a Grammar-Free Generation” published with Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2019) & “Exploring English Language Teaching in Post-Soviet Era Countries” with Routledge, Taylor & Francis. Tamilla is a frequent presenter at international conferences. Her research interests include the following topic areas: cross-cultural communication, the use of discourse particles in ELF context, writing and information literacy, the use of technology in modern classes, evaluation of language teaching materials, and spoken English.

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Researcher ID (WoS): AAF-4059-2021

Contact information:
ADA University
School of Education
Office: E 309
Ahmadbey Aghaoglu str. 61
Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1008
E-mail: tamillamamedova@mail.ru / tomammadova@ada.edu.az