Naara Queiruga Domínguez

Naara Queiruga Domínguez holds a BA in English Studies (2014) and an MA in Advanced English Studies (2015) from the University of Santiago de Compostela, as well as an MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Kansas (2017). She also participated in an ERASMUS program in 2012, studying at the University of Manchester in the UK. Queiruga Domínguez was a Spanish language Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Kansas from 2015-2017, and an English lecturer at the University of Santiago de Compostela from 2017-2020. She is currently working on her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Susana Doval and Dr. Elsa González. Her dissertation, titled The Effectiveness of Multilingual Education in Galicia: The Case of the English Language examines the use of the three main languages that coexist in Galician schools (Galician, Spanish and English), to determine whether the decree on multilingualism (passed in 2010), as well as the use of CLIL within the classroom, has enhanced the learning and use of the English language within this autonomous community and whether or not it has led to a linguistic and cultural impoverishment.

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